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Big Fun on a Small Budget

About Me September 28, 2010

Thanks for reading my blog!


I’m Stacy Colson, a wife and a mom to three precious little boys (twins -Max & Levi and a new little guy named Dane).  I’m also a step-mom to two great boys (Andrew & Ryan). I work full time in the advertising industry and my husband is a custom homebuilder.



A few years ago, my husband and I decided to have a child, and he or she was to be our only child together since we already had his first two.  Much to our surprise, we were pregnant with twins!  At that moment, I knew I had to find savvy ways to support our family.  Diapers and daycare x 2 alone, gave me a heart attack!

Then, just when we thought we were “done”, our sweet Dane came along.   We were floored when we found out about him.  All of this in the eyes of a down economy (gasp!).  It was high time to be savvy AND organized!

I began researching for steals and deals on anything from diapers, to household goods, to entertainment, etc.  We’ve got to make a small budget go a long way in our house!

There is so much information out there, I began keeping track of sites and deals and sharing them with friends.  As it grew, I found starting this site was the best way to keep my “finds” organized for myself and for my readers. was born.  Now I can officially say I am done giving birth!


What You Will/Won’t Find Here

My goal is to bring you high value discounts on items you use in your everyday life, as well as items that you might “splurge” on for yourself or a loved one.  You won’t find $1.00 off coupons or articles about how to save money and the like.  There are plenty of other sites out there for that.  My hope is that you’ll use this website as a daily resource to save money on goods and services you would normally purchase anyway and “get while the gettin’ is good”!


The Love’s In My Life

My children–Max (2), Levi (2), Dane (6 months), Andrew (13) and Ryan (12) and of course my husband too!

When I’m not working or searching for deals and steals, I enjoy pampering myself with a great yoga class, massage, pedicure or spending a little time with friends.  Although with all the children we have, my time with friends is precious and few!


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