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Free Eyeglasses – Thursday (4.7) at 11:00 a.m. April 5, 2011

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More Free Eyeglasses from Coastal Contacts This Thursday, 4/7 at 11am CDT

Posted: 05 Apr 2011 05:22 AM PDT

I’m loving all of these free eyeglasses offers through Coastal Contacts lately, and they’re doing it again this week! This Thursday, April 7, they are giving away another 10,000 pairs of eyeglasses starting at 12pm EDT (11am CDT). There’s a limit of one free pair per household, so if you got some in any of their previous giveaways, you can’t get another.

Free glasses include the frame and standard 1.5 index lenses. You will pay for shipping, which ranges from $10-$15, plus any upgrades like bifocals, thin lenses, or anti-glare or scratch-resistant coating.

How to Get Free Eyeglasses

To get a free pair you will need three things:

1) A coupon code revealed after you like Coastal Contacts on Facebook (the code is FREEAPR7)

2) A prescription for your eyeglasses to use as you enter the measurements for your eyes

3) The distance between the centers of your pupils. They call this the PD, or “pupil distance”

Once you have those three things, place your order at after 12pm EDT (11am CDT) Thursday (you may want to start trying the code early as it has previously been active about 30 minutes before the scheduled start time). I’d encourage you to have frames picked out and loaded into your cart so all you need to do is checkout when the code becomes active.

Enter the code FREEAPR7 at checkout, pay for shipping and upgrades, but get the frame and basic lenses free.

My Experience

I got a free pair of glasses from a similar, previous promotion offered by Coastal Contacts and love them. They are name brand frames, Nine West to be exact, and fit me really well. I did three things to help me get a pair of right-fitting frames.

First, last fall when I had my eyes examined I spent some time in the showroom trying on frames, so I’d have an idea of what looked best on me.

Second, when it came time to actually shop at Coastal Contacts I took the measurements of my then-current glasses, since I liked how they fit, and searched for frames in a similar size. That was the most helpful.

Finally, I did use their virtual mirror to “try on” frames, but found that it didn’t proportion correctly and I actually ordered frames much too big for my face using this tool. I returned them without a hassle and then chose my replacement pair based on the measurements, as compared to my then-current frames.

I saved well over $200 by ordering glasses online and think I’ll switch my whole family over to ordering eyewear online. The quality is just like you’d find in an eyeglass shop, the fit is perfect and the price is right.



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