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Graveyard Mall: Set of 6 Pet Pillows for $33.99 ($5.67 Each) January 19, 2011

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Great for your own children, or split the package with a friend or neighbor.  I did!

Posted: 19 Jan 2011 08:34 AM PST

For a limited time, you can get a set of 6 Soft Snuggly 18-inch Pet Pillows for $33.99 through Graveyard Mall. These pillows that fold up using a velcro closure are a knock-off of Pillow Pets. Even though they’re a knock-off product, they work just the same and have gotten good reviews on the Graveyard Mall website. Considering they’re priced at $5.67 each vs. $19.99 each for the name brand product, I think this is a pretty good deal!

The set includes a panda, puppy, bumblebee, ladybug, unicorn & dolphin. Orders will ship on Friday, 1/21. You will have to pay shipping charges; standard shipping was $6.18 for me (Laura).

Plus, go through ShopAtHome to get 6% cash back on your order and a $5 sign-up bonus.



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