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Found on today!


If you’re looking for some extra motivation to help make your New Year’s resolutions happen, Tanga is offering a few fitness magazine deals that you might be interested in. We’ve highlighted those deals and other great deals currently available below.


Tanga deals expire when they’re sold out (usually within 1-3 days of first going up). Tanga prices also go up as more people get in on a deal, so if you’re trying to order later in the day, your price might be higher by one or two dollars.

– Fitness $2.99/year (10 issues) with coupon code FITNESS (order up to 4 years)

– Flex $2.99/year (12 issues) with coupon code FLEX (order up to 3 years)

– Smart Luxury Travel $2.99/year (6 issues) with coupon code SMART

– Reader’s Digest $2.99/year (10 issues) with coupon code DIGEST (order up to 4 years)

– European Car $5.99/year (12 issues) with coupon code EURO (order up to 4 years)



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