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CAR WASHES ON THE CHEAP December 28, 2010

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‘Tis the season to snow!  Which may not make you think it’s also the season to wash your car at least every two weeks.  But it’s true – snow, salt and sand can do a number on your car.

According to the Car Care Council (bet you didn’t know there was one), you should:

a.  Mud, salt, rain and snow left on your car can damage it’s clear finish. And when it’s caked on the undercarriage, it can cause rust, especially in older vehicles, and affect how well your car drives.

b.  Wash your car every 10 days in the winter, and immediately after a snow storm.

c.  After the wash, open and close all doors, the trunk and other parts of the car with locks several times before parking it, to help eliminate water freezing in locks in extreme cold.

Having your car washed professionally can get costly, though.  So here are a few places around town that charge less to keep your car clean:

Hand-dried Washes (where they towel-dry your car after the wash):

1.  Mr Car Wash, 12 Twin City locations, the Express Car Wash is $7, not including tax.  Check your location to make sure they offer this service.

2.  Sunshine Car Wash, Hopkins, Exterior Wash is $8.53 and includes their clear coat wax.

Blown-dried Washes:

1.  The best deal!  Regal Auto Wash, with locations in Coon Rapids, Crystal, Maplewood, and White Bear Lake.  They offer their Wash And Go for just $3.00 – and that’s including tax.  Be sure to check their site for coupons.

2.  Your local gas station may offer a great deal.  Example – the Exxon Wash-N-Fil Express in Shoreview has a $5.00 Express Car Wash, that includes the underbody wash.


1.  Call ahead first to double-check the pricing and what it includes.

2.  Check if there is an up-charge for larger vehicles, like SUVs and trucks.

3.  Make sure your wash includes the underbody – it’s the most important part!



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