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Gap Free Jeans Giveaway Event – Tomorrow 11.5.10 November 4, 2010

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Found this on today.


Can you say 10,000 Free Gap Jeans???  Have time to shop tomorrow morning?  This Friday, November 5th, you have a chance to score a free pair of Gap Jeans, valued at $59.50!!!! I don’t know how much this promotion has been spread around so make sure you get to Gap early in the day (aka when they open!). Here are the details from the Gap Facebook Event Page:


“This Friday we’re giving away 10,000 pairs of jeans! Check-in at any Men’s & Women’s Gap using Facebook Places and you could win*. Just show any Gap employee your check-in and you could score a free pair. If you’re too late don’t worry, we’ll let you shop with 40% off any regularly priced item**.” –>More details HERE


OK…long story short…you will need a good cell phone to get these free jeans. Your phone will have to be able to access the internet. For Droid and iPhones there is an app that you can get: Facebook Places. I suggest trying to get Facebook Places set up on your phone before you head to Gap!!! Basically what Gap wants you to do is the following:


Go to a Gap location (Mens & Women’s)

Go to Facebook Places on your phone (via app or internet)

Share your current location on Facebook Places (which will be Gap)

Find a Gap employee and show them where you “checked in” on your phone.

Get your free $59.50 pair of Gap Jeans!

Tip: Find out how to access Facebook Places on your phone.


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